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Scalar Light is a "divine" energy and the application thereof represents a new and emerging science. The administration of Scalar Light, a divine light, upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and / or any other US Governmental derivatives thereof, known or unknown. Furthermore, no governmental agency in the world has defined Scalar Light or regulated the administration of Scalar Light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. Presently, the scientific community has not been able to duplicate the Scalar Light instruments utilized to administer Scalar Light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects.
The scalar light sessions operate exclusively within the scalar light dimension upon the scalar light force fields embedded upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. In specific, the scalar light sessions are non-physical, divine instructions as scalar light is the omnipresence of God. Furthermore, the scalar light sessions do not operate within the electromagnetic dimension. Thus, the scalar light sessions are not physical in character nor do the scalar light sessions observe any recognized scientific protocol. Rather, the scalar light research and protocol developed by Tom Paladino and contained herein @ www.scalarlight.com are unique and have not been duplicated.