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Standard Scalar

Experience deeper sleep, enhanced mood, and energy and regain your zest for life. Scalar Light is from the sun and stars and safe and gentle for people and pets.

Standard Scalar Sessions Incorporating THREE PILLARS of Health

These foundational pillars are included daily our 15-day free trial

Pathogen Cleanse

Scalar Light disassembles and eradicates the molecular bonds to the DNA/RNA of over 400,000 species of harmful pathogens, heavy metals, and environmental chemicals. This frees the immune system to restore homeostasis.

Essential Nutrient Therapy

Scalar Light assembles and maintains the molecular bonds of all essential earth elements transmuting them into essential nutrients, minerals, and fatty acids, fortifying the entire body-mind-soul system.

Chakra Balancing Therapy

Scalar Light saturates all chakra energy centers with sacred holographic frequencies harmonizing imbalances in the auric fields and the conscious, unconscious and subconscious minds.

We seek to help you understand the science behind the health-enhancing capabilities of scalar waves  and the Scalar Light Standardized TRINITY of sessions. First, you may be intrigued by past science and a few hard facts. Let’s begin with the nature of scalar waves.

An Energy with Many Names

Prana, chi, qi, or Ki are relatable to some traditional cultures or spiritual seekers in general. In the scientific and physics community, scalar energy is known by various names.

And Radiant energy, eloptic energy torsion energy, Tesla energy, Physicists now agree to adopt mainly one of a few terms: THE FIELD or the unified field or the zero point.

A Tale of Two Energies

The two MAIN energies in the universe are electromagnetic energy and scalar energy. One vast difference between the two is that electromagnetic energy degrades over distance.

For instance, a radio wave only travels so far before the signal fades. Scalar energy or scalar light is a light wave. At times it is at in particle form, while at other times, a waveform. Hence, the duality of scalar energy. Scalar waves are the creator of MATTER.

When electromagnetic energy degrades over time or distance, the term used is “entropy.”

Scalar Light energy can travel from one side of the earth to the other instantaneously with NO loss of power. The scientific term is known as syntropy or negative entropy.

Neither time nor distance affects the power of a scalar wave. Scalar waves (Scalar Light) “superluminal,” which means that they are FASTER than the speed of light.

What's Included

Nutrient Program List

Vitamins Assembled via Scalar Energy

  1. Vitamin A, beta carotene
  2. Vitamin A, retinal
  3. Vitamin A, retinoic acid
  4. Vitamin A, retinol
  5. Vitamin B1, thiamine
  6. Vitamin B2, riboflavin
  7. Vitamin B3, niacin
  8. Vitamin B5, pantothenic acid
  9. Vitamin B6, pyridoxine
  10. Vitamin B7, biotin
  11. Vitamin B8, inositol
  12. Vitamin B9, folate
  13. Vitamin B12, food grade
  14. Vitamin B15, pangamic acid
  15. Vitamin B17, amygdalin-x
  16. Vitamin C, food grade
  17. Vitamin D2, Ergocalciferol
  18. Vitamin D3, cholecalciferol
  19. Vitamin E, tocotrienol
  20. Vitamin K1, phylloquinone
  21. Vitamin K2, menaquinone
  22. Vitamin L, anthranilic acid
  23. Choline

Minerals Assembled via Scalar Energy

  1. Boron
  2. Calcium
  3. calcium phosphate
  4. Carbon
  5. Chloride
  6. Chromium
  7. Chromium picolinate
  8. Cobalt
  9. Copper
  10. Germanium
  11. Gold
  12. Iodine
  13. Iron
  14. Magnesium
  15. Magnesium chloride
  16. Manganese
  17. Nitrogen
  18. Phosphorous
  19. Potassium
  20. potassium chloride
  21. Selenium
  22. Silica
  23. Silicon
  24. Sodium
  25. Sulfur
  26. Vanadium
  27. Zeolite
  28. Zinc

Essential Amino Acids Assembled via Scalar Energy

  1. Histidine
  2. Isoleucine
  3. Leucine
  4. Lysine
  5. Methionine
  6. Phenylalanine
  7. selenocysteine
  8. Threonine
  9. Tryptophan
  10. Valine

Non-Essential Amino Acids Assembled via Scalar Energy

  1. Alanine
  2. Arginine
  3. Asparagine
  4. Aspartic acid
  5. Beta- alanine
  6. Carnitine
  7. Citrulline
  8. Cysteine
  9. Cystine
  10. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
  11. Glutamine
  12. Glutamic acid
  13. Glycine
  14. Hydroxyproline
  15. Ornithine
  16. Proline
  17. Serine
  18. Taurine
  19. Tyrosine

Fatty Acids Assembled via Scalar Energy

  1. Alpha-linolenic acid
  2. Alpha lipoic acid
  3. Arachidonic acid
  4. Capric acid
  5. Dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid
  6. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
  7. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)
  8. Gamma-linolenic acid
  9. lauric acid
  10. Linolenic acid
  11. Myristic acid
  12. Octanoic acid
  13. Oleic acid
  14. Palmitic acid
  15. Palmitoleic acid
  16. Stearic acid

Hormones Assembled By Scalar Energy

  1. Adiponectin
  2. Aldosterone
  3. Amylin
  4. Androstenedione
  5. adrenocorticotropic
  6. betatrophin
  7. Calcitonin
  8. Cholecystokinin
  9. DHEA ( didehydroepiandrosterone )
  10. Enkephalin
  11. Epinephrine
  12. follicle-stimulating hormone
  13. Glucagon
  14. Gonadotropin releasing hormone
  15. Insulin
  16. Insulin-like growth factor 1
  17. Leptin
  18. Luteinizing hormone
  19. Melatonin
  20. Norepinephrine
  21. Oxytocin
  22. Pregnenolone
  23. Proenkephalin
  24. Prolactin
  25. Somatotropin, Growth hormone
  26. Testosterone
  27. Thyroxine
  28. triiodothyronine
  29. Vasopressin

Antioxidants Assembled via Scalar Energy

  1. Allophycocyanin
  2. alpha ketoglutarate
  3. Alpha mangostin
  4. Apigenin
  5. Apocarotenal
  6. Astaxathin
  7. baicalein
  8. Beta carotene
  9. Beta cryptoxanthin
  10. Canthaxanthin
  11. Catechin
  12. Chlorogenic acid
  13. Chlorophyllin
  14. Chondroitin
  15. chrysin
  16. Cinnamic acid
  17. Curcumin
  18. Daidzein
  19. diosmin
  20. DMAE bitartrate
  21. Epicatechin
  22. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate
  23. Erythorbic acid
  24. Eugenol
  25. Ferulic acid
  26. Fulvic acid
  27. Fumaric acid
  28. galangin
  29. Gallic acid
  30. Genistein
  31. Ginsenoside
  32. Glutathione
  33. Glucosamine
  34. Glucuronic acid
  35. glycitein
  36. Glycolic acid
  37. Grape seed extract
  38. Hesperetin
  39. Hippuric acid
  40. Hyaluronic acid
  41. Inositol
  42. Kojic acid
  43. L- carnosine
  44. Lecithin
  45. Lutein
  46. Luteolin
  47. Lycopene
  48. Malic acid
  49. Mannose
  50. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
  51. Naringenin
  52. N-acetyl-l-cysteine
  53. N- acetyl glucosamine
  54. Nobiletin
  55. Oxalic acid
  56. Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)
  57. Phosphatidylserine
  58. Phycocyanin
  59. Phytosterol
  60. pinocembrin
  61. pterostilbene
  62. Pycnogenol
  63. Quercetin
  64. Quinic acid
  65. Resveratrol
  66. Rutin
  67. Salicylic acid
  68. Spermidine
  69. Squalene
  70. Succinic acid
  71. Superoxide dismutase
  72. Silybin
  73. Tartaric acid
  74. Taxifolin
  75. Zeatin
  76. Zeaxanthin

Phytochemicals Assembled via Scalar Energy

  1. Ajoene
  2. andrographolide
  3. Apocarotenal
  4. berberine
  5. Betanin
  6. Beta sitosterol
  7. Betulin
  8. Betulinic acid
  9. Biochanin A
  10. Butylphthalide
  11. Calcium pectate
  12. Canthaxanthin
  13. Capsaicin
  14. Catechin hydrate
  15. Chicoric acid 1
  16. Coumarin
  17. Coumesterol
  18. Deguelin
  19. Ellagic acid
  20. Fisetin
  21. Floridzin
  22. Genipin
  23. Glucomannan
  24. Heliotropin
  25. Huperzine A
  26. Indole
  27. Isobetanin
  28. Luteolin
  29. Methylsulfonylmethane
  30. Myricetin
  31. Oleanolic acid
  32. Para-coumaric acid
  33. Phenethyl isothiocyanate
  34. Phenylacetic acid
  35. Piperine
  36. Phytosterol
  37. Psoralen
  38. Salicin
  39. Saponin
  40. scopoletin
  41. Silymarin
  42. Stigmasterol
  43. Sulforaphane
  44. Ursolic acid
  45. Pectin (apple)
  46. Proanthocyanidin (cranberry)
  47. Cinnamic acid
  48. D-limonene

Proteins Assembled by Scalar Energy

  1. Actin
  2. Albumin
  3. Collagen
  4. c-peptide
  5. Dystrophin
  6. Elastin
  7. Ferriten
  8. Fibronectin
  9. Gc protein
  10. Hemoglobin
  11. Integrin
  12. Keratin
  13. Laminin
  14. Myosin
  15. Myogen
  16. Myoglobin
  17. Myosin
  18. Promyelocytic leukemia protein
  19. Plasma membrane proteins
  20. Protease
  21. Prothrombin
  22. Renin
  23. Spectrin
  24. Telomere-binding protein
  25. thyroglobulin
  26. Y-globulin

Enzymes Assembled by Scalar Energy

  1. Acetylcholinesterase
  2. Alpha glycerophosphate
  3. Amylase
  4. Amyloglucosidase
  5. ATPase
  6. Beta glycerophosphate
  7. Carnitine Acyltransferase
  8. Catalase
  9. Cellulase
  10. chymotrypsin
  11. Co-enzyme Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide
  12. Co-enzyme Q 10
  13. cytochrome P450 enzymes
  14. Dopamine beta hydroxylase
  15. Elastase
  16. glucoamylase
  17. hexokinase
  18. invertase
  19. Kinase
  20. lactase
  21. Lipase
  22. Lysozome
  23. Malic
  24. N-Acetylglucosamine Transferase
  25. Papain
  26. Pepsin
  27. phosphatase kinase
  28. pullulanase
  29. Pyridoxal phosphate
  30. Pyrroloquinoline quinone
  31. pyruvate kinase
  32. renin
  33. Ribonuclease A
  34. Serratiopeptidase
  35. Succinate Dehydrogenase
  36. Tyrosinase
  37. Trypsin


  1. Acetylcholine
  2. Anandamide
  3. Beta- phenylethylamine
  4. Dopamine
  5. Enkephalin
  6. Epinephrine
  7. Hypocretin
  8. MET-Enkephalin
  9. NMDA (N-Methyl-D-Aspartate)
  10. Norepinephrine
  11. octopamine
  12. Serotonin

Miscellaneous Nutrients Assembled by Scalar Energy

  1. Adenine
  2. Adenosine
  3. Adenosine triphosphate
  4. Allantoin
  5. Anthocyanins (various)
  6. Creatine phosphate
  7. choline bitartrate
  8. chondroitin sulfate
  9. Hydrogen (miscellaneous mineral)
  10. Nitric oxide
  11. Orotic acid
  12. Phosphatidylserine
  13. Synovial fluid
  14. Water
Illness is Merely LOSING LIGHT

When we LOSE some of our life force energy due to stress or illness, similarly, we experience entropy. Vibrant health would be considered syntropy. No loss of life force. So, disease states are a state of “losing light.” A human form of entropy.

Scalar LIGHT instruments harness scalar energy from the atmosphere – from the sun and the stars. This vital energy is abundant in our universe and is the thread that connects all things.

Using the Nature of Scalar Energy to our Advantage

Scalar waves make an instantaneous connection with your photograph because the waves aren’t bound by time.

In the quantum dimension, there is to time. The phenomenon is called quantum entanglement. Einstein named it “spooky action at a distance,” and while he OBSERVED it happening, he could not explain it.

This Washington Post article simplifies the phenomenon-proven time and time again, in something called the TWIN PHOTON experiment.

Scalar waves are known as Zero Point Energy because as the waves move back and forth like a slinky, and any frequencies cancel each other out. The result is no frequency or THE ZERO POINT.

You can see the difference by observing different types of waves here.

So how does understanding all of this help you understand how Scalar Light works? Understanding TRUE health will make it simple.

Note: Everyone possesses seven chakras or meridians which are scalar light vortices. Hence, the terms, "chakra" or "meridian" refer to scalar light centers. The terms, "chakra" or "meridian" neither represent a philosophical belief nor a religious practice.

The Larger Your Group, The More You Save!

Purchasing Scalar Light Sessions comes with many options to tailor for various needs, preferences and budget sizes. The more family and friends that join you, the more you save!

Single Month: You can pay for a single month at a time. Pick it up and put it down as often as you like with no ongoing financial commitments. This is ideal for people who want to try Scalar Light for a while to see how they feel about it. Most people want to progress to “Monthly Recurring” to save money.

Monthly Recurring: If you are passionate about receiving Scalar Light and want to continue indefinitely then the Monthly Recurring Program is for you! This works out cheaper for you and your payment is debited from you automatically every month.

12 Months: The best value for money is our 12 Months Program where you pay for a full 12 months upfront and benefit from a generous discount!

Group Scalar: You may have up to 6 others with you on any Scalar Light Program. The more people you bring with you, the more money you save.

More Info

About Standard Scalar Sessions

BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT in equilibrium is the best way to describe health. As electrical beings, when our energy is in a coherent flow, we experience wellness. If we have a physical ailment or experience an emotional upset, anxiety, depression, or injury, we “leak” our light force energy. Incoherence and illness are equal states of being.

Scalar energy or Scalar LIGHT being the ARCHITECT OF ALL LIFE. It is the animating force of all spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical activity in the universe.

This DIVINE INTELLIGENCE is omnipresent and serves as the carrier wave for all intelligence and information in the universe. We can harness and access the power of this energy and administer it to you remotely. Having better health could not be simpler.

The Standardized Sessions TRINITY is safe for any age and even benefits your precious pets

Scalar Light sessions are like plugging into your life force energy!


Scalar Light instructions serve as information for your body to begin fragmenting harmful health robbing substances by “transmuting” them or turning them into simpler harmless elements.
Your body will either REUSE these elements or eliminate then on its own, helping you reach a more enhanced state of health. Exposure to chemicals, heavy metals, even GMO foods can have a negative cumulative effect on our health.

Scalar Light helps to foster an energetic clearing/cleansing on an informational level for the body AND for the mind and serves to enhance your body’s self-cleaning abilities.

Energy balancing for Mind/Spirit (Meridians and nervous system) from 10 AM to 11 AM EST Daily

Connecting with Scalar Light waves brings a greater sense of calmness to mind, helps decrease the fight or flight stress response, and brings the mind and spirit into unified equilibrium.

Enjoy a lighter sense of being and enhanced resiliency of your nervous system under almost all circumstances. The energy balancing has a calming effect and is great for children also.

When energy is flowing with less impedance, the result is an overall greater sense of well-being. You might notice greater resilience to stress, a calmer mood, and a quieter mind and better-quality sleep.

With Scalar Light, your body does the healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Nutrient Sessions (Body/Mind) 22 hours per day each day

Scalar Light Nutrient sessions are designed to help your body create its own nutrition from simple elements that already exist in most everyone’s body.
The light signature or information (gathered with a photo of the nutrients we include) serves as information for YOUR BODY’S intelligence to begin a process of forming more complex nutrients from simple elements. Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are a collection of molecules such as carbon, calcium, phosphorus or amino acids, and others.

Your body becomes its own nutrient factory.

In my estimation, the Scalar Light Natural Foods Session offers exceptional nutritional support for people of all walks of life. It is my fervent desire that the Scalar Light Natural Foods Session will serve to provide the nutritional needs of the world.
I myself, consider this program to be “My Magnum Opus.”

Tom Paladino

Researcher, scalarlight.com