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Administering Scalar Light To A Photograph

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Scalar Light Sessions Administer Divine Light to a Photograph of a Person, Animal, Plant or Object

Scalar light is omnipresent and believed to be divine energy:  the Essence of God.  Scalar light transcends time and space as some believe that the Spirit is composed of this divine Essence.  All spiritual, cognitive, emotional and physical action in the universe is initiated and governed by scalar light. 
The Scalar Light sessions administer scalar light to the photograph of a person, animal, plant or object.  That is, every photograph of a person, animal, plant or object is believed to carry an energetic signature of scalar light.  Hence, the Scalar Light sessions impart non-physical light upon the photographs of people, animals, plants or objects.  Listed below are properties of scalar light as well as the interaction of a photograph receiving scalar light. 
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How The Scalar Light Sessions Work With Your Submitted Photographs

1)  The Scalar Light sessions are exclusively administered to photographs of people, animals, plants or objects. 
2)  The Scalar Light sessions are always administered in real-time as the energetic signature of a photograph is always in the present moment.  Thus, the age of the photograph will not alter or interfere with the administration of scalar light upon a photograph.
3)  A photograph captures the real-time spiritual, cognitive, emotional and physical state of a person.  Additionally, a scalar light session will interact with the spiritual, cognitive, emotional and physical condition of a photograph.  Hence, a photograph is a mirror-like informational image of a person.
4)  Scalar light in function might be considered a prayer or intention.  Hence, a scalar energy session upon a photograph is akin to reciting a prayer or invoking an intention upon a photograph.  All Scalar Light sessions upon a photograph represent a non-physical action within the quantum dimension.  
5)  Scalar light is a dimension distinct from the electromagnetic dimension.  The laws that govern scalar light are significantly different than the laws that govern electromagnetic energy.
6)  I believe the Ark of the Covenant was a scalar light vessel.  Thus, the scalar light instruments may be considered as the modern-day equivalent of the Ark of the Covenant.
7)  Scalar light is an emerging science that will serve to liberate mankind.
The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant was a vessel of scalar light:  the divine Essence of God.

Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino

CEO - scalarlight.com

Tom Paladino is a researcher and humanitarian seeking to make a difference in the world by providing people with the education and tools to restore optimal health, and by helping enhance their quality of life. Read More