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Hieronymus Grew Plants in the Dark With the Use of Scalar Light

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Dr Galen Hieronymus ( November 21, 1895 February 21, 1988 ) was an American scalar light researcher and inventor. During his prolific scientific career, Hieronymus discovered universal, holographic energy distinct from the electromagnetic spectrum: he used the neologism “eloptic energy” to describe this unknown force.

Hieronymus was awarded a US patent, US2482773A, September 27, 1949, for engineering a scalar light instrument. To date, Hieronymus is one of the few scientists that has been able to plan and demonstrate a scalar light mechanism. 

Scalar light originates from the Sun of our solar system as well as the stars of the universe. All energy in the universe initiates as scalar light and subsequently converts or degrades into electromagnetic energy in many environments. Thus, scalar light is the divine, animating force of the universe; whereas, electromagnetic energy is an inferior subset or derivative of scalar light.

Scalar light affords direct and perfect control over nature; whereas, electromagnetic energy affords indirect and imperfect control. The mastery of scalar light technology will allow humanity to have dominion over nature.

Hieronymus experimented with growing plants in his basement in the dark by way of a scalar light apparatus.  An outer metal plate served as a scalar light collector. In turn, he connected copper wires running from the metal plate to eight (8) boxes of planted oat seeds in the basement of his home. Under these conditions, Hieronymus was able to grow plants in the dark without sunlight.   


How Hieronymus Described the Scalar Light Experiment

Photosynthesis test in bright environment and dark environment with closed glass fan.

I made eight small boxes: two-by-two-by-four inches long, without tops or bottoms. Before tacking on the base, I put large pieces of aluminium foil, slightly larger than the bottom and did the same for the top, except that I raised the lid about a half-inch above the box. The top and bottom on the inside were covered by aluminium foil. In my basement workshop, which was light-proofed, I connected the base plate to a water pipe with copper wire and ran another wire from the top plate to the outside of the basement, where I built two shelves. Seven boxes were wired to metal plates outside in the sunlight — also on shelves built onto the house. The eighth was a control, not connected to anything. On the first wire, I soldered a plate two-by-two inches, the second to a metal plate four-by-four inches, the next to a plate eight-by-eight inches, and another to a plate sixteen inches square. To the following three grounded wires, I soldered two-by-two, four-by-four and eight-by-eight inch copper screening to see whether there would be any difference in the results from the solid plates than from the screen mesh.

Dr Galen Hieronymus

It is crucial to understand Hieronymus used scalar light exclusively to grow the oat seedlings in the dark. That is, a scalar light device was implemented to collect and subsequently conduct scalar light from outside, metal plate along cooper wires to the boxes of oat seedlings in his darkened basement. Below, Hieronymus describes the particular conditions of growing oat seedlings in his basement in the dark:

I sifted and mixed some soil and put an equal amount in each box, then planted ten oat seeds in each box, two rows of five each, so that I knew where they were and could tell which were growing and by how much. Each of the eight boxes was identical, with precisely one-half inch of soil over the seeds. The only difference was the size and texture of the plates connected by wire to the aluminium sheets inside the tops of the boxes. I watered each box daily with precisely the same amount of water, which I applied with a salt shaker. As the plants grew inside these dark boxes, I raised the lids to allow them more headroom but still kept them lightproof and kept detailed records of when the plants broke through the soil. Remember now; these plants were in absolutely dark boxes located inside dark shelves in a dark basement. The oat seedlings were divorced from light.

Dr Galen Hieronymus

Vegetable seedling growing in the dark receives scalar light energy allowing it to grow

The result of the experiment was incredible. The seven boxes of oat seedlings connected to the scalar light apparatus grew in the dark, and Hieronymus observed chlorophyll in these plants as they were healthy, sturdy and green in colour.

Hieronymus noted that the seven boxes of oat seedlings sprouted at the same time and exhibited a comparable degree of vitality. To the exception, the control box of oat seedlings that were not under the influence of scalar light showed stunted growth and subsequently was pale in colour.

Hieronymus concluded that the seven boxes of oat seedlings connected to the scalar light apparatus experienced photosynthesis.

In contrast, the box of oat seedlings that were not connected to the scalar light apparatus either did not experience any degree of photosynthesis or an attenuated degree of photosynthesis. Specifically, as the initial energy of the universe, scalar light was conducted upon cooper wires to the planted oat seedlings, thereby acting as the prime cause of photosynthesis. In so doing, the scalar light acting upon the planted oat seedlings may have been subsequently converted in whole or in part to electromagnetic energy, thereby also playing a role in photosynthesis.

The dual role of scalar light and electromagnetic energy in photosynthesis has been established by this experiment of growing oat seedlings in a darkened basement.

The success of this experiment gives credence to the notion that photosynthesis is caused by scalar light action. The ability to grow plants in the dark under the exclusive influence of scalar light proves that scalar light is the primary, initial cause of photosynthesis.

Electromagnetic energy is the ancillary, secondary cause of photosynthesis. Bear in mind that scalar light is transmitted from the Sun, whereas electromagnetic energy is the Sun’s initial energy, scalar light.

In conclusion, both scalar light and its derivative, electromagnetic energy, are responsible for photosynthesis. However, scalar light remains the superior, initial energy of the universe and the superior, initial energy accountable for photosynthesis. Electromagnetic energy is the derivative energy of scalar light and plays a subordinate and secondary role in photosynthesis. Both scalar light and electromagnetic light are crucial to all plant life as both energies play a vital role in photosynthesis.

May God grant you excellent health. Thank you.

Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino

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